1. Weekend camping on the Walrus Islands, Nunavut.

    Crazy changes to the weather- clear blue skies to rolling fog!


  2. Exploring the Walrus Islands of James Bay, Nunavut. 

    The rock deposits are raised beaches from the ancient Tyrrell Sea! 


  3. Island hopping in James Bay, Quebec.


  4. Check it out!! One of my photos from a recent James Bay camping trip was featured by the #matadornetwork today!


    Wow! Cool shot from #MatadorU student @caromorrow: “A trail of quartz leading the way to James Bay” in #Wemindji, #Quebec. #Travelstoke!

    #landscape #nature #jamesbay #travel #quartz


  5. Day 1: Weekend Kayak Trip - Wemindji, Quebec


  6. Wemindji, Quebec. A walk around the Wemindji boat launch to check out the ice status. 


  7. Grindstone Lake, Ontario. Foggy spring evening in Muskoka. 


  8. Wemindji, Quebec. 


  9. Long Weekend

    We took advantage of the long weekend by skiing out to James Bay and setting up camp for 2 nights. The weather was great! Although the nighttime temperatures dipped to -20C, we had warm sunny days to explore our campsite and the surrounding islands. This was probably the last weekend for this kind of trip. The snow is starting to melt on many of the islands and the Arctic Ocean will break up soon, making a crossing by ski too dangerous.


  10. Wemindji, Quebec.

    Melting snow reveals the rocks and moss that cover the islands of James Bay. While hiking across the frozen Arctic Ocean, we found an abandoned fishing net sitting on the ice. 


  11. Wemindji, Quebec. Exploring the shores of James Bay.


  12. Wemindji, Quebec.


  13. Radisson, Quebec.


  14. Mitten-Making in Wemindji

    This March, I had an awesome opportunity to make traditional mittens. I spent a few weeks visiting the Gathering Centre in the afternoons. After lots of coaching and a few mishaps (i.e. making my liners inside out), I successfully completed a pair of “boxer” mittens!

    The Gathering Centre - with lots of firewood for the stove 

    Front and back pieces ready to be attached 

    Outside shell complete!

    Liners and fur attached!

    My very patient teacher finishing up a pair of sealskin mitts


  15. Travel-photography website up and running!

    Check it out!! I finally made a travel photography website!! I would love to hear what you all think!! 


    PS. you can also check out what I’m up to on instagram and twitter! My next big trip will take place this summer and include Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain.

    PPS. Blog updates from the subarctic coming soon!